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Jan, 18, 2007 -- Law Students Move Towards Online Video Resumes

"An enterprising entrepreneur has taken a good idea and made it better. David Schnurman, a recent law school graduate from New York Law School, has springboarded from interviewing prominent entrepreneurs on television to helping law students post their interviews on the Web..
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"When David Schnurman graduated from New York Law School in May of 2006, he mastered that embrace. The president of online CLE provider Lawline is also the founder of "TrueNYC," a popular public access cable television program on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network that features interviews with prominent entrepreneurs.

To expand on his interviewing concept, Schnurman is now empowering self-marketing law students by creating video resumes. "The whole process of looking for a job is a daunting task," Schnurman says. For that reason, he's convinced that a law student seeking to make the search easier and separate himself from competing applicants must have a visible message that treats him as a distinct brand."

New York Law School's administration agrees. In late September of 2006, he approached school officials familiar with his success at TrueNYC, and they decided to beta test his concept. 10 students signed up immediately.

Schnurman expects to use YouTube for mass distribution of the resumes and hopes to convince law schools in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to incorporate this project into their career development offerings. In 2007, he predicts that attorneys will increase the number of informational products on the Web in the form of newsletters, podcasts and video presentations.

"I see more tools like what I'm doing," he says. "The younger lawyers are more in tune with how to use the Internet."
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By Lois Levine, July 17, 2006
"Looking for advice, ideas or just some “yup, been there, done that” kind of reassurance in regard to your own small company? Check out TrueNYC, a website and television show devoted to helping the New York City–based business owner in every facet of her business, created by and for local entrepreneurs."
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By Karen Axelton, Feb 10, 2006
"TrueNYC, a TV show that airs in New York City, is looking for New York City entrepreneurs to appear on the show, sharing stories of how they run and manage their businesses."
"The show's goal is to provide advice and inspiration from entrepreneurs who are 'in the trenches' of running a business day to day."
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Entrepreneur's Journey

By Yaro Stark, Feb 8, 2006

"Now here is a program I wish we had in Australia."
"If you are selected you will receive some nice exposure for you and your business, become just a little bit famous and help others with your business knowledge."
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By Richard Banfield, Jan 23, 2006
"In the delightful trend towards providing a real-world look at entrepreneurship David Schnurman, Founder and CEO of TrueNYC gives some awesome interviews with real entrepreneurs."
"Real stories from people who are actually dragging themselves across the stony desert of business towards their goals."
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By Carson McComas, Dec 2, 2005
"I'm not in NY so for me the value is watching the concise interviews with entrepreneurs online and reading through some of the articles David has posted."
"There are some good ideas and inspiration."
"The site is full of passion."
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Television Appearances

"Your Business" on MSNBC
David Schnurman, CEO, was interviewed at NY Times Small Business Summit on September 14 for MSNBC's show "Your Business"

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The longest running legal show in the metropolitian area
Sunday, March 19 at 5:30 p.m. The program airs on WNYE-TV, Channel 25.

The topic of the show is "How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur." David Schnurman will appeared with Fabrice Grinda, a 31-year-old entrepreneur who just sold his company for $80 million, and Barry Farber, a motivational speaker and founder of FoldzFlat pen.

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