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David Turk  , Founder of Indiana Market & Catering
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Looking Back
It Is More Than Just Food
Business Development
Building The Team

Entrepreneur Update Interview

David Turk's catering company, Indiana Market and Catering, began in New York's East Village 22 years ago as a simple take out spot for snacks and prepared foods. However like most business evolutions, Turk found that his company's propensity for catering was much more profitable than that of retail. Today he knows that his catering is much more than a food service. What his company is providing its customers is "non- embarrassment", the confidence in their reputation and skill. He applies this mentality to his sales, which begin with superior food and a promise of performance, and then a follow through with both.

In developing his business, David hopes the company will grow organically through word of mouth. However, he is constantly replacing clients, therefore, must market. Although he does some print advertising, he is most affective in search engine optimization. He is also focused on growing the human and spiritual side of his company. Secure in finances, if he could he would measure his success in his customers' smiles rather than in dollar signs.

In order keep employee retention rates high, David knows the importance of keeping his staff happy. Having a small full time staff, his business relies mainly with on-call employees and staffing agencies. He is confident that his full time staff can execute protocol through every employee. Through his business' evolution David's role has too evolved. He now sees himself as more of a mentor than entrepreneur, chef, or manager. He wants his employees to get the most out of their experience with Indiana Market and Catering Company, and in doing so keep them for as long as possible.


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