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Dan Hoffman Play Dan Hoffman
Chief Executive Officer of M5
Customer Service
Peter Shankman Play Peter Shankman
Entrepreneur, Adventurist and CEO of HARO (Help a Reporter Out) &The Geek Factory
Public Relations
John R. DiJulius III Play John R. DiJulius III
Chief Visionary Officer of The DiJulius Group
Customer Service
How to Recruit, Hire,  & Retain Great Employees Play How to Recruit, Hire, & Retain Great Employees
of TrueNYC &
Human Resources
Cam  Brown Play Cam Brown
President of King Fish Media
Private Custom Media
Fabrice  Grinda. Play Fabrice Grinda.
President of OLX
Ari  Meisel. Play Ari Meisel.
President of Arise Developement
J. Robert  Spencer Play J. Robert Spencer
Entrepreneur of 7 Spencer Productions
Film and Theater
Todd Birnbaum Play Todd Birnbaum
Creator and Owner of Pinch Pizza By The Inch
Mike  Michalowicz Play Mike Michalowicz
Author of Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
Tony Coretto   Play Tony Coretto  
Managing Partner of PNT Marketing Services
Customer Intelligence Marketing
Peg  Samuel Play Peg Samuel
President & Founder of Social Diva
David Turk   Play David Turk  
Founder of Indiana Market & Catering
Liz  Gardner Play Liz Gardner
Co-Executive Director of New York International Latino Film Festival
Matthew Weiss   Play Matthew Weiss  
Founder of 888 RED LIGHT
Traffic Law
Peter  K Play Peter K
Founder of Peter K Fitness
Health & Fitness
Ellen Whitehurst Play Ellen Whitehurst
Empowered Life Stylist of The Empowered Lifestyle
Self-Help/Life Empowerment
Eric Brody   Play Eric Brody  
Founder and Principal1 of The Brody Group
Real estate Development
Gabrielle- Bernstein Play Gabrielle- Bernstein
President of Falling In Love With Your Future
Motivational Speaking And Public Relations
Alix Florio Play Alix Florio
President of Beautiful Fitness
At Home Fitness and Lifestyle
Marla Russo Play Marla Russo
President of Bella Public Relations, Inc.
Public Relations
Joel Buckstein Play Joel Buckstein
President of Geneva Worldwide, Inc.
Language Services
David Rich Play David Rich
President & CEO of ICC/Decision Services
Customer Experience Management Programs
Ryan Allis Play Ryan Allis
CEO of iContact
Email Marketing Service
Barry Moltz Play Barry Moltz
Author of Bounce!
Small Business  Technology Summit Play Small Business Technology Summit
of Networking Event
Laurel Touby Play Laurel Touby
Founder and CEO of MediaBistro
Michael Michalowicz Play Michael Michalowicz
Founder and President of Obsidian Launch
David  A Schnurman Play David A Schnurman
Five Themes of Success To Entrepreneurship
Michael Gerber Play Michael Gerber
CEO of In The Dreaming Room

Showing results 1 to 30 of 92

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Featured Entrepreneur
Simon Sinek Simon Sinek

Soon after Simon Sinek started his own company in 2002, he realized that at the heart of his work as a consultant was an earnest desire to inspire people to be the best they could be. Having been cited as an inspiration by those around him (in one case as the re...
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Dan Hoffman
Founder of M5
Peter Shankman
Founder of HARO (Help a Reporter Out) &The Geek Factory
John R. DiJulius III
Founder of The DiJulius Group

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