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Tony Coretto  , Managing Partner of PNT Marketing Services
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PNT Marketing
The Information Glut
Unprofitable Customers
Improving Entrepreneurship

All companies have plenty of customer data. Tony Correto and his company, PNT Marketing, focuses on taking that data and turning it into intelligence. Transaction statistics that determine who, where, and when products were purchased are exciting, but if the information isn't used to better business, it is basically worthless.

Tony insists that in studying the customers, businesses will find that there are both profitable and unprofitable customers. Those are unprofitable customers must  either be traded up to a profitable status or if all else fails,  ignored so as Tony says, "they drift away taking their unprofitability with them. Often businesses need to shift their focus from their product  to their customers  in order to increase sales.

Once customer data has become customer intelligence, businesses can become more entrepreneurial.  Then focusing on their innovations and marketing, customers become fans of the business and profit for the company.


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