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Todd Birnbaum, Creator and Owner of Pinch Pizza By The Inch
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Early Business Lessons
We Were Ready
The Joys of Partnering

Todd Birnbaum entered the business world at the age of 6, selling soda and candy at his little league baseball games. He has taken his earliest business lessons with him today as the creator and owner of the concept restaurant, Pinch: Pizza by the Inch. Entering into the food service business, Todd quickly learned that unlike other businesses, it is necessary to fill a restaurant every night. Customers are at the heart of his business.

Pinch: Pizza by the Inch did not begin with a concept or a business investment. It began with the words “We are ready.” However Todd’s eagerness did not coincide with the speed of startup. Real estate issues detained the business for over a year. Taking a step back, Todd traveled to Uruguay, and while there, sampled what he learned was Roman style pizza. The idea for Pinch: Pizza by the Inch was born, and came to New York City!


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