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Richard Matasar, Dean, New York Law School of New York Law School

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What would you do with $135 million?

Most entrepreneurs that we know, do not have the opportunity to even imagine this scenario. However, in this week's interview you can learn what New York Law School plans to do with $135 million. Richard Matasar, Dean of New York Law School, is not a CEO or business owner in the traditional sense. Yet, he shows us how important it is to have the mindset of an entrepreneur in order to successfully run a law school. Dean Matasar discusses the $135 million sale of their library, the business of running a law school, and what he does on a day-to-day basis.

To be able to juggle the needs of current students, alumni, professors, and the law firm employment market is an enormous challenge. Learn how Dean Matasar does it!

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