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Peter K, Founder of Peter K Fitness
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Peter K Fitness
The Focus
Technology Is Everything

Eighteen years ago Peter K of  Peter K Fitness, took control of three things: his thoughts, his food, and his exercise. Today, he and Peter K Fitness focus those three points to bring health success to the corporate world through corporate speaking and his exercise routines and products or as he says, the success tools.

Through aligning himself with successful people, he has found partners to fund his company and help him break through the corporate speaking world. Without a budget plan, he's been using Google AdWords to build online notoriety. He also believes that technology is everything, especially for marketing. Whether he is showcasing his latest exercise routines or seminars on his iPod for his clients, or blogging on the latest fitness news, he is staying relevant through technology and multimedia.  

Don't start looking for the Peter K Gym any time soon. After owning his own physical therapy facility, he knows that managing employees from an office isn’t for him. When he is not spreading his message across the country, he plans to continue to work from home, developing his fitness methods and new products. Peter knows what he wants and where he sees his professional future moving.


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