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Peg Samuel, President & Founder of Social Diva
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The Diva
Online and Offline Marketing
Building Sponsorships

To Be A Social Diva

It's not easy being the social diva, but Peg Samuel makes it look effortless. The diva herself, Peg's self entitled company,, does online promotions and event planning for internet and lifestyle companies.

Through their dedicated emails, Social Diva informs young women about what is happening in their city. They also go a step further, hosting their own events. For revenue, Social Diva provides online and offline marketing for their clients. To fit in today's economy, Peg has found that many of her lifestyle clients want to bring customers right into their stores. Social Diva's two fold marketing is a great way to do this.

As for Peg's team, she is very much a one woman show. However, she believes in the potential of amazing interns. In fact, her first intern is now the editor and chief of Social Diva and  co-authored her book.  She also saves money by using free lance employees, rather than keeping a full time staff. Most importantly Peg works to compliment her sponsors and her events for her fabulous divas!


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