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Mike Michalowicz, Author of Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
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Obisidian Launch
The Inspirational Experience
The Toilet Paper Syndrome

Entrepreneur Update Interview

   Patience and persistence is essential to the recipe for entrepreneurial success. Although, becoming an immediate sensation is not likely, giving up quickly is not smart.  Overnight successes take 15 or 20 years. Mike Michalowicz started Obsidenian Launch to inspire other entrepreneurs to trust their instinct and persist with their business.

   Michalowicz entered the entrepreneurially world on a whim, which forced him to survive and be successful in his choices. In Michalowicz’s new book, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, he shares his advice including that of exploiting ingenuity and dealing with the dirtiest of work, the money. He has learned that in distinguishing yourself within the business world it is most important to be “different to be genially true to you.”


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