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Matthew Weiss, Founder of 888 Redlight
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Matthew J. Weiss, Esq. is a serial entrepreneur having started and run 3 different businesses. He graduated Hofstra Law School in 1984 and has practiced for the past 22 years.

In 2001, Mr. Weiss bought out his partner of 10 years and changed his law firm's name to Weiss & Associates, PC. His law firm (and its predecessor) has represented thousands of clients in a variety of matters. Mr. Weiss primarily handles commercial transaction and litigation matters. The entrepreneurial portion of Mr. Weiss' firm is the department that defends motorists from traffic tickets. Each year his many lawyers defend over 3,000 motorists from all types of moving violations. The Traffic Department is a novelty in the legal services industry. This site can be visited at:

Mr. Weiss is also a Board Member of the not-for-profit Entrepreneurs' Organization, the premier peer-to-peer business group in New York City and worldwide. The organization is dedicated to helping business owners take their companies to the next level and information about the group is available at


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