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Matthew Weiss  , Founder of 888 RED LIGHT
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Improving The Website
Managing The Work Flow
Hiring, Firing, And Keeping It Simple

Entrepreneur Update Interview

Since Matthew Weiss ' last interview with TrueNYC, he's made many crucial changes and improvements to his company, 888 Red Light. 888 Red Light handles litigation for traffic tickets throughout the state of New York. However, Weiss runs the company as a traditional business rather than that of a law firm.

Client acquisition stems mainly from his  focused marketing. His website, now in its third generation, is his  branding, and he has seen results with the search engine optimization for the site. He is also branching out into social networking and marketing through Facebook. He has seen the value for his business of keeping people connected.

Weiss has also changed the work flow in his office for 888 Red Light. Never knowing who was handling a case, he has hired someone to deal with client consultations,intakes, and  case delineations. Weiss also feels that "every entrepreneur" has  experienced the difficulties of hiring and firing employees.  He knows to replace an employee who is wrong for your company quickly rather than have him or her weigh you down and hold you back. Finally, Matthew Weiss always practices what his company preaches, keeping traffic ticket litigation simple for his clients.


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