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Marla Russo, President of Bella Public Relations, Inc.
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One Thing Led To Another
Small Business PR
Letting Them Do Their Thing

The Beauty of The Business

Marla Russo was just twenty-four years old when she was ready to jump start her entrepreneurial dreams with Bella Public Relations. However as a psychology major and aspiring actress, business was not initially in her plans. After taking a job as an assistant in a public relations firm, she quickly picked up both the skill and the the passion necessary to start her own company.

Now as a boutique agency Marla and her team at Bella PR cater to mostly other small businesses. She understands that although PR is a budget, it necessary in order to build a following and then business. Small businesses should understand that although advertising may not be affordable, establishing pr is, and just as effectual if not more.

Marla has also learned to put her complete trust in her team. She takes pride in that she can give her employees a product and as she says, "they just go with it." She never forgets, though, how important it is for everyone to be aware of each different project in order to keep ideas flowing and productivity high.


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