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Joel Buckstein, President of Geneva Worldwide, Inc.
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Over 100 Years Of Business
Developing Employees
Keeping It In the Family
Management Styles

Built on Experience

Geneva World Wide has been in business for over one hundred years. In 1903 it began as an employment recruiting agency, but evolved thirty years ago into a language service company. An employment agency with employees of all different ethnicities, Geneva World Wide built on its resources to establish the company that it is today. Under Joel Buckstein's direction, the comapny became a preferred government vendor for language services to provide face to face interpretations, document translation, telephonic services and transcriptions.

In terms of his human resources, he is always developing them. It is important for employees to always expand their potential by growing and changing roles within the company.  This helps to keep the turnaround rate low. Joel has also mastered the art of keeping his business within his family. The third generation to run the Geneva Worldwide, his has now formulated a succession plan in order to successfully pass on the business to future generations. As much as Joel enjoys working with his family, he is careful to keep the delicate balance between them and his management in tact. Joel Buckstein's partner is now his son. However, their different management styles compliment rather than comprise each other.


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