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J. Robert Spencer, Entrepreneur of 7 Spencer Productions
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What Has Changed
The Team and Future
Not Slowing Down
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Entrepreneur Update Interview

Since J. Robert Spencer's last interview with TrueNYC, his personal life and his show business career have changed. Now a father, he is pushing harder than ever to develop new entrepreneurial opportunities as both an actor and movie maverick.  In post production of his second movie, he is concentrating on his role a producer, in order to properly manage the money and his staff.

As an independent movie producer, raising the production funds is never easy. Unlike his first film production, in which he immediately found a financial backer, this time was more difficult. Spencer credits this to trusting this responsibility with someone else instead of making it his own.

He also takes his human resources very seriously. He understands how important it is to keep a positive environment on his set. A person's talent is no matter, if they are difficult to work with, they will not be working for him. In Spencer's entrepreneurial evolution, he continues to drive to "make the phone ring," rather than waiting for opportunities to come to him.


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