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Eric Brody, Founder of The Brody Group

Part I
Part II

Success, Not Recession

For Eric Brody, the pot of gold at the end of the risky real estate rainbow—and his passion for the process of getting there—is worth the stress of such a volatile market. His twist on the familiar refrain of “location, location, location” shows his awareness of the big picture: “Location, hands down, is so important,” he says, “but what you’re then going to put in that location, and the timing of it” are what take a project from an ambitious idea to a successful reality. From starting out with his bar mitzvah savings and his dog as the other Brody in the Group, this entrepreneur has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. His focus on a place he knows—Brooklyn—and his constant push toward the level of the “monster” companies he turns to for inspiration, as well as his vow never to settle into the complacency of his success, ensure that this is far from the last you’ll hear of Eric Brody.


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