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Eric Brody  , Founder and Principal1 of The Brody Group
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The Update
Building The Brody Group
Growing Into Management
The Real Task-Financing

Entrepreneur Update Interview

In the ever changing real estate business, Eric Brody, the founder and principal of The Brody Group, knows that the only way to mitigate the market is by being the best. Since 2004, The Brody Group has been one of the top young and hot developers with projects ranging from commercial, retail, and residential buildings throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Most recently he has been named in Real Estate New York: "30 under 30". A true entrepreneur, Eric is an expert in marketing, management and finances.

For his marketing, Brody is doing more than just labeling himself and his business as one of New York's young "hot, developers." His label and marketing tool has become his identity. Brody feels that marketing must be done, no matter the cost. Like any entrepreneur and business, sales are imperative. Through marketing, potential clients come to know and trust Brody and his company before ever meeting him, allowing him to build more business.

With more business, Eric has learned that he must expand his "Brody Group". Even without the finances to hire employees, he knows how to manage and build a team. Brody has also learned that the entrepreneurial mentality must often be “toned down” when dealing with employees. With only a very small team, Eric understands how important it is to know all the facets of his business. With time he has come to learn his strengths and weaknesses. One day he will be able to delineate tasks to more employees accordingly.

Finally, Eric Brody believes that there is no secret to financing. He considers his monthly overheads in order to prepare for his high yield business. He recycles his revenue to put into his next projects. Most rewardingly, Eric motivates his own success through financing. However, he puts his finances at risk every day with his real estate developments. But for Eric Brody, risk is just a part of the plan of hitting it big!


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