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Ellen Whitehurst, Empowered Life Stylist of The Empowered Lifestyle
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A Life Journey
Building The Empowered Life Style Brand
My Tips For Businesses
Segueing To Follow My Path
Marketing Saved Me

Health. Happiness. Prosperity.

ELLEN WHITEHURST is the mastermind behind The Empowered Lifestyle—her unique brand of self-empowerment and life improvement. Empowering her own life, Ellen left Wall Street and a successful career as a commodity analyst and trader, and began her private practice over 15 years ago. She conducts seminars and speaking engagements across the country, offering motivational and inspirational advice.   

With The Empowered Lifestyle, Ellen encourages her clients to act like a C.A..T. in order to support their goals and intentions. That is, Create the intention, take the Action step, and Trust. In this way, Ellen took her brand from intangible empowerment to actual products for many fortune 500 companies. She knew that her young, professional customers would be open to her message from multicultural disciplines.

For most businesses ,a segue or a transition will become necessary. Ellen found that in changing her product to make it content based, her business grew. However, the expanse was so vast, that it became necessary for her to hire a PR company in order to handle her marketing and focus on her brand identity. Still, the opportunities to continue to empower people are endless. It is more than Ellen's work. It is her mission to show people how to move forward in their life to reach their goals.


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