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David Rich, President & CEO of ICC/Decision Services
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ICC/Decision Services
It Is More Than Just Mystery Shopping
Getting Customer Satisfaction
Huge People Believers

Customizing Customer Service

Everyone can relate to having a great or a not so great customer experience while shopping. Did you wait for 30 minutes in a line at the bank or did they not have your size in a pair of jeans. Or can you think of a time when your experience was so outstanding that it changed where and how you did your shopping? David Rich of ICC/Decision Services studies those consumer experiences that so prominently influence a company.

David knows that his studies are not nearly limited to mystery shopping. Customer service satisfaction starts with employee satisfaction. Simply, corporations that do right by their employees have employees that do right by their customer. His work has built customer loyalty for both his organization and that of his clients. He understands the price of keeping a customer. Depending on whether they have used the information provided in order to improve their business often determines the profitability of that customer. ICC/Decision Services looks to build long term relationship without nickel and dimming customers. It is David Rich's golden rule.

In the same way that David has developed standards for customer satisfaction for other companies, he upholds them with in his own. As he says, he is a "huge believer in people" ICC/Decision Services knows the importance of hiring, training, and treating their people right.


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