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Bobby Spencer, Actor & Entrepreneur of Broadway Show

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Before Bobby Spencer moved to New York in 1985, he lived in Delaware, New Jersey, Minnesota, Texas, and Oklahoma.  The then 15-year old had become a veteran at making friends fast by making them laugh. "The more I goofed off, the harder people laughed," Spencer said.  "No matter what town I moved to, I knew I could fall back on acting.  It was a quick way for people to notice you and get to know you."

On November 6th 2005, the 1987 Central York High School graduate introduced himself to Broadway as one of the lead actors in "Jersey Boys," a musical production about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  Spencer plays Nick Massi, the Four Season's bass vocalist who left the band in 1965.

Spencer heard of "Jersey Boys" through his agent.  He auditioned for the role of Tommy DeVito but landed the role of Massi.  The musical's producers test drove the production for three months at the La Jolla Playhouse, a 500-seat theater a few miles north of San Diego.

Its success brought it back to New York, where it debuted at the August Wilson Theater.

"It's been a ride of patience and persistence.  Every time I got a gig, it was because of persistence, persistence, persistence," Spencer said. "I always knew in all the years of struggling, there is no way that God would dangle a carrot in front of my face my entire life."


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