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Ari Meisel, Founder of ARISE Development
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Interview - (10 Minutes)

Ari Meisel is the founder of ARISE Development, a company providing consulting to those interested in redevelopment of old buildings.  Having grown up in the original SoHo, and with years of experience in real estate development and construction, Ari is in a unique position of being able to provide services that other companies cannot.

Ari has always had a head for business.  He started his first company, Liontex, a website design company, at the age of 12. When he was 16, he started, an online listing of take-out and delivery menus in New York and Philadelphia. He started TEK, a technology consulting group, doing home theater, computer networks, and other home and business technologies, when he was 17. Now at 22, Ari is finishing up the first phase of the North Depot Loft project.

e has been featured in "Management: Would-Be Entrepreneurs Shun Dot-Coms" (New York Times May 2, 2001) and "Who Wants to Be an Entrepreneur?" (Link Magazine, May 2000). Most recently, the New York Times did a story on the DEPOT project in May of 2004 entitled "A Son of Lower Manhattan Sees SoHo in Upstate."


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