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Alix Florio, President of Beautiful Fitness
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Beautiful Fitness
The True Costs of The Business
Team Building
Talking Techology and Naysayers

Fitness and Growth

For many people fitness is not defined as the need to look good on the beach or to fit into a tight pair of jeans. Fitness, although a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle, is often very hard to schedule into our busy lives. Alix Florio is changing that. Her company, Beautiful Fitness, has found its niche bringing high end fitness services and health education right into the home.

Still a growing entrepreneur, Alix is learning that the true cost of the business is not measured in dollar signs. In fact, she keeps her costs very low, only paying for multiple phone lines and a computer. She takes meetings away from her home office. What is most costly for Alex is her time. Still a mom and what she considers a social person, she knows that it will soon be necessary for her to build a team on the back end in order to prevent burn out.

Now Alix is a one woman show. She works with numerous partners that provide fitness and lifestyle services to her clients. Almost entirely internet based, even her hiring has been mainly done on the websites such as In this way she is able to continue to grow her companyorganically, which is important, as she does not want it to grow faster than she can handle.

Finally, Alix has learned that it is vital, especially as woman, to be able to understand technology. For running an online company, it would be impossible for her to get what she wanted from her website if she could not communicate with her developer. Moreover, like all entrepreneurs Alix encountered naysayers. She believes it is important to consider who the naysayers are and why they have these feelings, often they are understandable. However, it is most important to not let the naysayers stop your from doing what it is that you want to do. Whenever Alix did, she was sorry.


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